Tj is a Tantra masseur and Practitioner. He is very passionate about sharing the knowledge and skills with all clients. Most of the clients are gay or bisexual men. When it comes to massage or leading a class, it always comes from the intention to look into other man’s eyes and see the beauty which is covered with layers of dust and shame of being a gay man. 

He started his Tantric life path from an Ecstatic and vivid experience during the first Kundalini yoga class in 2010. That experience instantly changed the understanding of his life purpose and ignited his curiosity. After years of studying yoga philosophy, yoga asana and meditation – he still doesn’t know how, but he wants all men to have that Ecstatic and orgasmic experience in daily life. His promise to himself – he is responsible for his body, happiness, prosperity, sexual life and orgasm. 

Over the years he been to many retreats, finished dozens of massage and yoga training to understand one – we all looking for Love and unique to individual a connection. 

As part of modern therapy, he is working as a healer and therapist. Background in massage therapy, yoga teaching and energy healing brings the whole experience to another level of practice. In the workaround sensitive subjects like intimacy, intimate touch and sex – he always looking for consent in any part of the work with the client.

He sees the body deeply connected to the spirit, mind, emotions, feelings, openness, mystics, environment, sexuality and other factors. That understanding helps him to make thousands of men happy through his private massage sessions and classes in London, UK and elsewhere.

He is offering a variety of services for gay and bisexual men: A Therapeutic Tantric Massage, Healing Tantric Massage, An Erotic Massage on the futon and table, A tailored to client's special needs meetings, Online meetings.

He lives in London, UK. Working in the studio in Central London, Fitzrovia and near Stanmore, North West of London. He travels to the clients if there is a request.


With love,

Taras Tj