Confusing time open new possibilities

Hey gents,

I want to thank all of you for any support you have shown me. Reading this update, subscribing to my channel or receiving irregular regular updates. Life is hectic not only for me but for most of us.

I had a client yesterday who was really confused about what is "safe". What is Okay with his boundaries? Shall we both wear masks? Should we be more distant from each other or act like always?

It's a difficult choice to make. The question what do you believe yourself? Is what you hear from the screen 24/7 is true? As HIV positive person, I was surprised to hear that against the virus, there's a vaccine available. HIV harming the world for over 40 years, and all they can do is prevent it but not give a cure. Therefore my suggestions to all of you do your own research, be closer to nature (we are part of it), don't become wild and have a close circle of people around you who can talk about what matters to you, speak the truth.

I am doing a year-long course, and what I have discovered - how unsafe I have been offering tantric experiences. It took me years to become aware of my body as a vehicle of pleasure and joy.

True Erotic experience can be only given from the place of compassion, safety and honesty. I always remind potential clients - in Europe, Tantric Massage is ranked as a sex service in Europe. Let be honest about that. If this is what you want - please go ahead with a booking.

As part of my development, there will be changes in my offerings. I will keep this site and create another one where I will be talking about how to practice safety, how to connect and reconnect, what is sex, why porn is so damaging to all of us and how it shaped me in the past and how to get out and find the truth about your sexuality.

I think I said enough,

If you want to have a free face to face chat with please book here

Meanwhile, I wish all of you great summer,


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