Free Meditate to Masturbate videos are getting its daylight

Hi, finally I can say I have done something I was considering for so long.


The Project "meditate2masturbate" has been started. It's a series of videos to support all of you seeking to find a way to reconnect with yourself, your body and erotic to sexual needs.


Why am I doing it? I facilitated classes over a year ago, and I saw high demand for something valuable and available anytime you need it. It's not a recorded class, and it's my practice - not performance.


There are always two or more videos - the practice self and tutorial.


In practice, the focus on being fully present to experience and sound isn't great or other technical issues. For the tutorial, I keep my pants, so you can listen to what I am saying and can repeat yourself or try.


Tutorials are for free, also available on YOUTUBE. Practice isn't for free, available on and


We are all, at some stage, attached to a stimulus like PORN, PARTNER/S OR IMAGINATION. My offer is about finding and building inner sources for BETTER and HIGHER erotic to sexual experience and then trying with a partner or group.


If you have questions - I am happy to help you. Thirty minutes of free chat to discuss your issues - is always available.

Thank you again,


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