IMPORTANT UPDATE. Payments and videos

hey there,

I must say thank you to all of you for being with me for as long you can. Some of you are aware of discontinuing or closure of this website. The message below is mainly about subscriptions and purchases.

On 10th February the option to pay or buy a video will be discontinued. Please download all your purchases and migrate to if you want to stay with me. Some of you have done so. This service is more reliable and flexible. Also allowed me not to think much about the maintenance of the personal website.

If you want to buy or watch - do it on

I am currently working on developing If you check the top right corner you will find links to all my social networks and youtube too. I do have more to offer and love talking and talking.


stay healthy, don't give too much attention to the news and find time to care for yourself, your body, the sexual side of your being, your mental body too and close friends, especially family, even if they annoy you.


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