Lockdown Tribe heart circle meditation

Hey there,

If you follow my updates, I have started a series of online meeting to help men like me and you. I even would like to add that mediation isn't the place to separate ourselves by our sexual preferences.

I am keeping all promotions via my other website as this has a certain reputation. I want to show to all of you I am multi-dimensional. To connect with me, I need to understand the need to reconnect and amend what is missing.

In #theuk #lockdown the things re getting worse and worse. Thousands men and women weren't touched by another human for a year and even longer.

Some have learnt to live with it, but many are struggling. By the time it all will be over, many of them will die because their bodies gave up to look for interaction and reconnect with themselves and especially bodies.

Please share and invite everyone to do go through it together. Join for free or pay as much you can. Honestly, I don't appreciate giving away thing for free, but happy to go for the change. I help you - you help me.

I might ask you to share on your social network links and posters, which is the smallest thing you can do. At least it's a fear exchange.

Even thought of seeing and connecting man after lockdown making me excited. I beg if you want to book an appointment with me later, don't treat my services as a last resort. I am not a plumber. I can help you. I can show you the way. You must wake up and take advantage of the situation and finally see beyond the comfort zone. It hurts, I know. You are not the one. Only together, we are strong. Not separated. Certain forces want to see us weak, sick, and unable to take care of ourselves. I don't wish it to anyone.

The last, but not least. The little steps toward mindfulness will payback. Check with yourself what is good for you and what isn't. How is in your body feels "feeling safe" and "feeling unsafe", but don't mix with "feeling uncomfortable".

Link to join the class


With warm wishes,


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