My first vivid experience

Where should I begin? It's a strange feeling that I want to tell the story of my life to the strangers. Why would I give you the key to understand where I am standing? What is motivating for me of doing this? Let begin.

Story one. The beginning.

In 2010 in March, I joined the Kundalini Yoga Class by JB. One friend of mine referred to that place in Estonia where I was born.

To join the regular class, I needed to complete two weeks of an introductory course to learn the basics in the small group. I am glad I did it. (Shame now students think they know everything after the first class) That gave me an understanding of the basics of Yoga. What is the mantra?

The lineage of teaching. The knowledge of energy lock. How to and why to breathe. (I went to school again at the age of 33, being a manager in a small office which I left shortly.)

It was challenging. I felt like the elephant in the room. Can't bend, can't reach toes, can't breathe, can't anything that ordinary people do, but doing with hope and full trust to the teacher and teaching.

After the first class, during the relaxation or Corpse Pose, I had vivid scenes in the head, don't remember details. That was addictive. That was a great feeling. I fell in love and decided to become a Yoga Teacher.

I never tried the variety of recreational drugs to recreate anything similar. Through breathing and meditation practice, I can make myself high and take myself (not always) to the places I never been before. The rest is artificial, but helpful fast track to enlightenment.

If you been practising quite some time, you can understand me with following. Imagine you going to the gym to tone muscles, and the side effect is the testosterone level increases. The same can happen after powerful meditation. Imagine having high testosterone level, breathing exercises and the partner/s who is willing to share with you more than 30 minutes - you will be taken to the sky. Let learn together some techniques to become more orgasmic and ecstatic.

Unfortunately, Yoga is focusing on an individual. Your practice, your energy but Tantra brings two individuals together. Their energy, intention and sexual energy. Only find the right teacher to help you with developing the skills I am referring to.

The other side of the original Tantra is the modern understanding of the etiquette and relationship between student and teacher. I am not going into details.



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