New Schedule and Prices


thank you for reading this and keeping me busy.


Saturday 10 am BST Tantra Yoga and Osho Dynamic Meditation 90 minutes classes are running as always.

NEW!!! Tuesday 3 pm BST Tantra Man workshop 1h. I am bringing a different to Saturday classes with different intention to help fix needs, learning to be creative around touch and intimacy.


£20 Unlimited monthly plan to any of the weekly workshops and weekly classes I run or available on my website.

£7.99 Saturday Tantra Yoga & Osho Active Meditation

£5 Tue 1h workshop

I have to apologise in advance if there are any technical issues. Please contact me with details of issues (Either grammar, links, etc... ) and get your free class as a bonus. The idea is to keep website updating and keep alive with your energy and support.

With many hugs,


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