NKD Tantra Yoga via Zoom

I am inviting you to the Tantra Yoga class. We meet every Saturday at 10 am UK time. The 90 minutes session is a combination of different teaching I came across in the last ten years of my practice. It mostly influenced by Kundalini Yoga. Originally Sexual aspect is cut off from the main teaching, but always so desirable. We are the one with nature. That is the main message I have learnt and want to deliver. The traditional Yoga and traditional Tantra are not teaching the same. As an example, in most yoga style holding PC muscle or lock on exhale, while in Tantra yoga with inhaling. It's confusing, I know. There are some rules related to energy work. Once you know what you are doing - will get easier. This class is to build physical and mental strength. Class open to all levels, please have the yoga block, mat or carpet, and blanket. If possible, get yourself Bluetooth earbuds for the better quality of sound. Price £7.99 / 1 class


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Online Yoga classes

Hi Gents, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am not available for teaching online classes on Sat 10 am BST. For private 1 on 1 is available any time. Taras