Dear visitors,

I have updated the website to be available to offer online sessions. Last week I have opened an account with, where subscription is required to see the content. I am aware that might not work for all you due to the current situation.

I can offer you a discount or code to see the content.


I have been working in the well-being industry since 2012. Taught hundreds of hours of classes in the gym, yoga studios and recently started doing it online.

My online classes are a mixture of yoga asana, breathing exercises and using sexual energy for self-pleasuring and self-healing purposes. I am keen to avoid naming it Tantra. The session is #naturist as if it would happen on a normal occasion.

ONLINE SCHEDULE (free of charge, the donation is welcome) 90 min class


TUE 24th Mar 10 am UK time Chakra Awakening, First Chakra, the #Earth element

THU 26th Mar 10 am UK time Chakra Awakening, Second Chakra, the #Water element

SAT 28th Mar 10 am UK time Chakra Awakening, Third Chakra, the #Fire element

TUE 31st Mar 10 am UK time Chakra Awakening, Fourth Chakra, the #Air element



2. LIVE CHAT Please go through the registration process so we can begin

SKYPE (old school) chat will be open during the session. The link will be available 15 min before session starts. You don't need to have an account -


Yoga mat isn't essential. All you need a comfortable clothings, yoga block or something to sit on comfortably. For relaxation - blanket to cover yourself.


- As a single man you can learn how to give yourself pleasure without watching porn or external stimulus. All you need is already within you. Learn to use the potential.

- As a partner, the session will give you ideas to take your sex and sexual experience to the level where you used to rely on the external senses.

- #tantra is designed for established couple. If your relationship is based on #lust and #adrenaline can't be called differently than #love.

- Learning to feel and acknowledging other than ejaculation orgasm is the only way to have an orgasm. Our body is designated to give us joy and pleasure 24/7. Honour, love and nurture it in the way it asking for it.


Check the free #tantra yoga sequence class to Awaken Sexual energy and use to recharge your #chakra system Recording from TUE 24th class. Focus on 1st chakra. The element of #Earth



I appreciated how you taught that squeezing the PC and anus is more gentle then forceful.  This area of tantra for me is the one that requires the most patience. It is moving the energy from the sex center up to the other chakras.  The deep draw does take additional training so most of the waves of pleasure I saw you were experiencing is because you have those channels open and running.  Thank you for rising to the virtual challenge.  I am in the states and this community is wonderful.


That was a powerful lesson! I learned so much! Such a great explanation of techniques I knew of, but had never put together! Also your physical experience and presentation of the movements was very helpful! I am excited to work with this energy, thank you for this gift! ✨🧘✨🤗💚


As I said above I am flexible. Don't hesitate to ask for a discount. I will ask you something in return, Favour for favour. I think that counts.


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