Yoga and Meditation sessions


I don't remember when I was reading so many essays as I do now. They are written from the position of being open and witnessing sexual experiences from a healing perspective. Those pages of deeply somatic experiences are giving an example of that lies behind the #sex and #touch we never able to receive from anyone went through a revelation what holds us together in a flesh.

In the classes which I run I help man to find peace within yourself and begin cultivation of energy (some call #love) from that place of being and presence. In last class, we touched/explored our anuses and the #orgasm we had as a group was so deeply personal, nurturing and gentle.

My message is to come and join the classes where you are always welcome, to share and ask questions.

I feel privileged to have all of you here, reading this. All I have learned in the last 4 months I know so little about what I suppose to know about. I keep learning, reading, discovering.



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Online Yoga classes

Hi Gents, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am not available for teaching online classes on Sat 10 am BST. For private 1 on 1 is available any time. Taras