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1. subscribing/cancelling to video channels

This website is run on WIX platform using WIX video app.

1. Login into own account on Select Account // Wallet and delete your payment method. To delete your account send me an email. 

2. To cancel the subscription on PayPal website is simple. Login into account. Select Pay&Get paid // Accept payments // Subscription.

3. Via Credit/Debit Card only via email request. Send confirmation receipt to identify you and the rest I will do on my side.

2. how to book an appointment 

Please contact me via email, text or call to arrange an appoint. Please state what massage/service, date/time, incall or outcall.

Step two. Please pay a deposit or full amount here if I have confirmed your request.

3. is mutual touching available

yes, if we have set clear boundaries what is allowed and what isn't.

4. is being fully erect during the massage is appropriate

I have good news for you. Yes, it's. My job around work I do is to give you a long-lasting relaxation and the main source comes from being fully erect, fully present and fully comfortable with it.

5. modelling for a video recording

All models gave written consent to use video and photo images against payment. There are many ways to protect your identity like covering or editing your face/marks/tattoos. 


Unfortunately, that is the world we are living in. More by following links

1. PRIVACY NOTICE || 2. TERMS OF USE  || 3. DISCLAIMER  || 4. RETURN POLICY  || Refund policy (below)
a. Please send notice webchat. If the arrangement was made via text or email, please use that channel.

b. Massage or any other 1on1 booking 
DEPOSIT £20 non-refundable, if arrangements were made. 
100% 72h notice, 50% 48 h notice, NO REFUND for less than 48h.

c. Group classes or online event
100%  72h notice, 50% 48 h notice, NO REFUND for less than 48h.

d. Group events (retreat etc)
Deposit non-refundable. I Will discuss this personally with you.

7. anything else?

1. Fill in the form   || send an email ( || text/WA (+44 (0) 783 033 5118)