Welcome to NKD breathe & energy class with Tantric elements. We celebrate here being ourselves, nude, sexually excited and emotionally up or down. I am as organiser truly believe that any strong emotion must have a way out of our body. By keeping emotions unreleased we cause ourselves more harm than good.


There are 2 types of SATURDAY 90 min classes: 

1. NKD breathe & energy class with Tantric (working with Erotic energy) elements.

2. Osho Active meditation (once a month last Saturday).


a. To buy a SINGLE ticket please follow a link below



b. To buy UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP to have access to any classes/workshops (valid for 1 month) press follow a link below.

https://www.tjtantra.com/plans SELECT Unlimited classes

c. Please remember to book every session via this link below

https://www.tjtantra.com/bookings-checkout/nkd-men-breath-tantra-work-saturday/book pick your date/time and confirm.


If you have any question regarding the booking system INCLUDING DISCOUNTS, please email to tarast@live.co.uk


1. Please keep the confirmation email, if you can't find it within 5 minutes (after you paid) check SPAM.

2. If the link to the Zoom changes the notification will be sent to the email you registered to the event (booked) with.

3. During the workshop. Please keep the microphone muted, the camera on - always. Please point camera elsewhere, but keep it on. Profiles with "no-camera-on" might be asked to leave.

4. PRIVACY OF THE PARTICIPANTS. no recordings & no screenshots. You decide what you want to show, hide, cover, etc... Wearing a mask can be a solution for you. What I don't want to see is ceiling throughout the whole time together.

5. If your phone mic is on or you planning to turn it on at some stage please keep the phone on silent (no vibration).

6. If the group is small, I prefer to keep all mic ON. Especially in the Esctatic part.


Zoom app allows capturing only the FACILITATOR CAMERA. That view will be available in 24h for viewing and purchasing.


I am looking forward to meeting with all of you in the virtual space where is no boundaries and all safe.